KUMADE was founded in September 1997 by veteran software entrepreneurs with over 25 years experience working and innovating together mainly in financial area. Along with the entire KUMADE team, they bring a history of unique technology development and focused client service to a growing list of customers.
Our goal is to provide advances technology support, mainly to enterprises who seek more efficient ways of utilizing Internet, from derivatives trading support system to peer-to-peer communication.

Our Skills:

Consultation and development of derivatives trading support system.
Customization and localization of software packages.
Provide consultation to foreign company’s business startup in Japan.

Major Achievements:

  • Supported business startups and marketing of foreign financial IT companies.
  • Provided consultation to foreign exchange system implementation project for local financial exchanges (LIFFE CONNECT to TFX, NASDAQ OMX CLICK to TOCOM).
  • Provided translation services (English – Japanses / Japanese – English) of financial documantation.
  • Developed trading front-end for Tokyo Financial Futures Exchange. (supporting LIFFE CONNECT API)
  • Performed consultation and developed derivatives trading support system for Mizuho Bank.
  • Developed stock market analysis system for Nihon Life Research Institute.
  • Performed analysis of various option pricing models for Fujitsu Research Institute.
  • Developed mobile phone web page for Citibank N.A. Japan branch.
  • Support localization of major financial software packages.
  • Support business startup of foreign companies.
  • Developed IP messaging system for Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Company Details:

Company name : KUMADE K.K.
Established : September 1997
President : Yutaka Hayashi

Limitation of Liability:

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